Renting a Chill Produce Vacuum Cooler

At Chill Produce we offer our high quality Vacuum Coolers for rent at very competitive rates.

Features of our Rental Vacuum Coolers:

-Stainless Steel lined interior for hygiene and ease of cleaning

-Infeed and outfeed conveyors 

-High quality international refrigeration components ensuring consistent cooling times and reliable operation

-Hydraulically operated doors that use less space than conventional designs

We offer a minimum of a 1 year contract that includes all servicing and maintenance and complete and a complete and detailed training course for all of your operators and maintenance personnel so you can be sure that the Vacuum Cooler is and will remain running smoothly throughout the term of your rental.

Renting a Chill Produce Vacuum cooler gives you all the benefits of pre-cooling in our top of the line Vacuum Coolers without the capital outlay involved in purchasing one outright.

This allows you to be more versatile and competitive in an increasingly global market.

Contact us today for more information and a quote!