Vacuum Cooling


Vacuum cooling offers the most efficient and cost effective method of Postharvest Cooling  and significantly increases the shelf life of leafy greens, lettuces, broccoli & root vegetables.

The Chill Produce Vacuum Cooler offers the ability to cool prepackaged (in crates/totes/pallets) produce with a total cycle time of only 35 minutes.

The short cooling cycle of the Vacuum Cooler allows Growers to reduce their time to market, increase shelf life, and offer a fresher product to clients.
Vacuum Cooling is also the most energy efficient method of cooling using only 2.5 - 4 kWh per pallet.

As the Chill Produce Vacuum coolers have a low capital cost, your operating costs will be lower ie lower cooling per lb/kg than competing equipment. Chill Produce Vacuum coolers reduce costs and improve bottom lines. Better for the planet and your pocket.

The Vacuum Cooling process:

The palletized product is loaded into the Vacuum Cooler (either by forklift or automated pallet loading systems).

Once loaded, the Vacuum Cooler starts to evacuate the air from the vacuum chamber.

The reduction in temperature via vacuum cooling is achieved by rapid evaporation of water when the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber is lowered to the desired level by the vacuum pump.

When the desired temperature is achieved, the vacuum cooler will automatically re-pressurize the vacuum chamber and allow the product to be removed.

Weight loss of the product resulting from moisture loss (evaporation) can be mitigated by using an integrated water system to spray cold, clean water over the product.

The evaporation process extracts field heat from the produce allowing for rapid and uniform cooling with average cycle time taking just 35 to 40 minutes.​

Sizing Options

The Chill Produce Vacuum Cooler can be custom sized to meet your specific requirements; from a 1 pallet to a 16  pallet unit.


To optimise shelf life and product freshness the vacuum cooler can be made portable  “mobilised” to allow it to be taken in-field i.e. moved when and where it is needed.
With this option the produce can be cooling as soon as it’s picked, with shelf life and product freshness extended even further.

This ability to quickly reduce the temperature of your produce, while still in the field, will further reduce your time to market, decrease your yield loss and ultimately increase profit. Good for the planet and your pocket.